IIRC Pilot Programme

The IIRC Pilot Programme underpins the development of Integrated Reporting.  The network of organizations participating in the Pilot Programme have contributed to the development of the International <IR> Framework and demonstrate global leadership in this emerging field of corporate reporting.

They are leading the way in evolving <IR> from a promising concept to a powerful practice with transformational effects not just on the way an organization reports, but on the way it thinks and acts.

‘We call the Pilot Programme our “innovation hub” – made up of people who want to push the boundaries just a little bit further, to challenge, or at least question orthodox thinking, and to acknowledge the importance or reporting to the way our organizations think and behave’, Paul Druckman, CEO, IIRC

Through the Pilot Programme the principles, content and practical application of <IR> have been developed, and are being tried and tested by businesses and investors.  It will run until September 2014, following the publication of the International <IR> Framework in December 2013, thereby allowing participants time to test the Framework during their following reporting cycle.  This is enabling the IIRC to assess <IR> outcomes and continue its work.

The Pilot Programme comprises:

  • The Business Network with over 100 businesses across the globe from multinational corporations to public sector bodies
  • The Investor Network with over 35 investors organizations.