Deutsche Börse Group becomes the 100th business to join IIRC Pilot Programme

(8 AUGUST 2013) –One of the world’s leading stock exchanges, Deutsche Börse Group, becomes the 100th participant in the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Pilot Programme Business Network, designed to drive the evolution of corporate reporting.  Germany based Deutsche Börse Group, which has approximately 765 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of 1,185 trillion Euros, is also the first stock exchange to join the IIRC Pilot Programme.

Integrated Reporting <IR> builds on developments in corporate reporting, bringing into focus for providers of financial capital the material factors that create value over the short, medium and long-term.  The mission of the IIRC is to create the globally accepted International <IR> Framework that elicits from organizations material information about their strategy, governance, performance and prospects in a clear, concise and comparable format.

Already committed to the concept of <IR>, Deutsche Börse Group’s 2012 Corporate Report represents the Group’s first move towards <IR> and to fostering transparency for holistic investment strategies in the global capital markets.

At the heart of the IIRC’s work is its Pilot Programme of more than 130 world-renowned businesses and investors.  Businesses such as BASF, Hyundai, Unilever and SAP ensure that the IIRC’s work remains grounded in the reality of today’s business environment and focused on the needs of providers of financial capital.  It is the businesses and investors involved in the IIRC Pilot Programme that have been central to the development of the International <IR> Framework.

Commenting on the announcement, Paul Druckman, Chief Executive Officer of the IIRC said, “Stock exchanges provide a vital public platform for businesses to access funds, thereby helping to create the conditions for economic development and business success.  Capital markets assimilate the information and data produced by businesses, which results in a share price, one of the key signals used by investors to allocate capital.  Integrated Reporting recognises the vital role played by the information flow from businesses to the market, and seeks to improve its quality and relevance to ensure that capital allocation decisions reflect the value created by the business.  Deutsche Börse’s participation in our Pilot Programme demonstrates not only its endorsement of <IR> but the speed at which it is gaining momentum in capital markets.”

Frank Klaas, Managing Director, Global Public Affairs, of Deutsche Börse said, “Deutsche Börse is proud of its role in fostering the conditions for high quality investment.  The integrity of the information provided by businesses is crucial in enhancing the transparency and trust between businesses and investors.  Our participation in the IIRC Pilot Programme signals the start of our own journey towards a corporate reporting landscape focused on the material factors that will enable investors to make better informed assessments of the ability of a company to create and sustain value.”